Boudoir photography Sydney with a professional photographer for women, men and couples.  It’s an experience you’ll love.  Photos you’ll adore.  Arrange your photoshoot for lingerie photography and sexy boudoir photography your significant other will love or for your own personal keepsake.  

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Boudoir Photography Sydney

Boudoir photography is all about stepping beyond fashion and portrait looks, to a more intimate style that radiates sensuality and confidence.  That’s what makes our boudoir photo shoots are for everybody! The boudoir style is all about expressing yourself, a confidence boost, a way to capture a bold statement about who you are.

A boudoir photo shoot with Joe will leave you feeling confident, sexy and empowered, walking away with your very own portfolio of professional boudoir photographs for keepsakes, to celebrate a personal goal, or to share with your partner.  You are sure to love how you look and feel when shooting with a professional fashion and boudoir photographer.

Book a tasteful and sexy boudoir photography session in Sydney, with options for lingerie, semi-nude and art-nude photographs that capture you at your sexiest with a Boudoir photography session.

Boudoir photography sydney

Meet Your Professional Boudoir Photographer

Joe is a professional Boudoir photographer in Sydney.  He has shot fashion models, online influencers and amateur models that want to capture their beauty. His skills and expertise with lighting, set design and photography help him create boudoir photos that are unique, sensual and that display his subjects true beauty in the best possible way. 

Boudoir Photography FAQs

It’s not every day that you experience a boudoir photo session.  So, it’s not surprising you may have some quesions about what to expect.   

Following are some of the more common questions we get asked in relation to our boudoir photo sessions with their answers.  If there’s anything we’ve missed, please drop us a line here.

What can I expect from my boudoir photo shoot?

Like all of Joe’s photo shoots, when booking a boudoir photoshoot you will know you are in good hands and you will get a masterpiece to treasure.

The creative process starts before the day of the shoot. Joe will first discuss the photo shoot in detail with you. Where it will take place, what you want to achieve, a mood or story you might want to tell, as well as address all of your concerns. That way there are no surprises on the day of the shoot, and you can look forward to a fun experience!

On the day of the shoot all you need to do is arrive, and Joe will take care of everything for you.

What about hair and makeup for my boudior shoot?

It’s important to look your best on the day to create beutiful photos you will love.   However, it’s entirely up to you whether you get a professional to do your hair and makeup on the day.   

Given this is a special day and getting boudoir photography is always best if you feel sexy on the day, we have a number of makeup artists and hair dressers we can arrange for you.  They can meet you on location for the shoot and will be sure to have you feeling your best.  Joe will discuss this with you during your planning session prior to the day and make any necessary arrangements.

What should I wear for my boudoir photoshoot?

In a standard boudoir photoshoot of 3 hours, you will be able to do around three to four looks. We recommend coming prepared with at least three outfits on the day. We recommend having a few spare and ready to go on the day in case you change your mind. Shoot length will include time for hair and make up, as well as outfit changes.

When selecting your outfits we recommend bringing your favourite outfits along.  Those that you look your best in and that leave you feeling most confident, even if they aren’t ‘lingerie’ or ‘boudoir’ styles.  It’s important you feel comfortable, powerful and sexy on the day. 

Many of Joe’s clients bring quality lingerie, dresses, or mix and match their wardrobe to create something they look and feel sexy in.  Or perhaps you would be comfortable going nude or semi nude on the day, which always makes for stunning, sensual photography. 

What else should I bring to a boudoir photo shoot?

It’s important that you feel comfortable and confident. In addition to the outfits discussed above, we recommend that you bring a selection of jewellery with you on the day.  Match your outfit with beautiful jewellery and statement pieces that pop. There will also be some props like sheets and blankets to help cover or partially cover you or just to add some additional style. Besides that, please feel free to bring food, wine and/or a friend even.   This is your day and we want it to be as fun as possible. 

Can I bring a friend to my boudoir photoshoot?

Yes absolutely! In fact, if you have never done a photoshoot before, we recommend you bring a friend along on the day if that’s what you would like to do. It does help some women feel more comfortable during the shoot. They can also help you feel more confident and make the day fun.  However, it is by no means necessary at all.

What if I’m not comfortable with shooting art-nude with a male photographer?

We completely understand.  Boudoir photography is something that many women can feel awkward about at first.  However, most people find a boudoir photoshoot fun, professional and comfortable, leaving feeling more confident and empowered. Nudity is not required to create the boudoir look, and you should feel comfortable to raise any concerns you might have about the shoot when discussing the details with Joe.

Many of Joes clients remark at the comfortable environment he creates and how much respect he has for his subjects. If it makes you more comfortable, Joe can arrange for his female stylist and photographer assist to be there on the day so she can handle some of the more sensitive details of the day. And of course, we always encourage you to bring a friend along on the day.

Where will the boudoir photo session take place?

With studios in Sydney’s Inner West and Sydney CBD, Joe will tailor the location to the theme and look of the shoot. Joe can also travel to a location if there is a particular location you have in mind, whether it be your own home or elsewhere. You’re the star of the day so Joe is always more than happy to accommodate.

How do I pose for a boudoir photoshoot?

Most people aren’t sure how to capture their best look the first time the step in front of a camera. If you’ve not been the star of a photoshoot before, Joe will guide you on how to pose to ensure we capture you at your beautiful best on your big day!


"Joe was extremely professional and very personable making for an enjoyable day. We had fun shooting and collaborating with different styles and ideas, in turn creating amazing results...I’d definitely recommend working with Joe and I hope to again in the near future.”
Anne Duffy