Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where are you located?

Joe shoots across Sydney and NSW in both his preferred studios in the CBD Sydney, Inner West and Chippendale, and can also come to you if you have a specific location you would like to use. Joe’s sets and locations are generally selected based on the style of shoot his clients want to achieve or to meet other specific needs of the shoot

Do I have to pay for studio time?

The cost of studio hire is included in the final photography package price, quote as is all travel and equipment, transport and other costs.  There are no hidden or extra costs when you book a shoot with Joseph RG Photography.

How long should I book for?

Shoot times vary depending on your specific requirements and the style of shoot you’re looking to create.  Packages including shoot duration can be tailored to your needs and will be indicated in your quote. As a guide, simple headshots (ie corporate) will be 1-2 hours, standard portrait shoots with a few outfits changes will take 2-3 hours, and more creative shoots may run a half-day to full-day depending on the content and requirements.

How much does a photo shoot cost?

Please refer to the ‘Pricing and Packages’ page for details. Joe is always happy to work with you regarding budget and requirements. (TBA).

How many images will I receive?

The total number of images you will receive varies depending on the style of shoot. For example, for corporate headshots you will receive 3 images, portrait shoots will be 3 images from each look. For editorial or more creative shoots this will be discussed as part of putting together the package.

What if I get too nervous on the day?

It’s natural to feel a little unsure if this is your first shoot, or if you’re not sure how to pose. Shoots should be fun and Joe will always do his best to make you feel at ease and enjoy the experience. If this is your first shoot we encourage you to bring along a friend to help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Can I bring someone along with me for the shoot?

Yes absolutely! In fact if it’s your first shoot (particularly the more creative / editorial styles) Joe would encourage you to bring a friend along on the day. And yes they’ll get to enjoy the snacks and drinks provided as well!

How long until I get my final images?

Post-production times will vary depending on the shoot, and the amount of work required. Typically, proof images (if required) will be provided within 7 working days, and final, edited images within a further 10 working days. We are happy to work with clients that may need images quicker if required.

Do you keep backups of my photos?

Yes, we keep backups of all images from all shoots.

What format will I receive images in?

All final, edited images will be provided in JPEG format.

Who has the rights to the images?

Joseph RG Photography will retain the rights to all images from all shoots. Joseph RG Photography retains the right to use any and all images from shoots for all advertising, promotion and marketing purposes. If preferred, Joseph RG Photography will include links to the clients social media or website when posting any images on our own social media (ie Instagram, Facebook). Images and prints will not be on-sold by Joseph RG Photography without prior agreement by the client.

Only final, edited images will be provided to clients, and these may only be used for non-commercial purposes unless specific permissions are given by the photographer. Any use of images by the client on social media (ie Facebook, Instagram) or other publicly-accessible platforms, must include links to the appropriate social media and website of Joseph RG Photography.

Do I need a makeup artist and hair stylist (HMUA)?

Joe will arrange for HMUA services if needed, in line with the style of the shoot. Pricing will be included in your final quote. You are welcome to use your own HMUA.