Professional headshot photography Sydney. 

Get professional headshots for business use, social media, dating profiles, or to create your portfolio.    Joseph  RG Photography creates stunning, styled headshot photography to ensure you stand out from the pack. 

Create your personal branding portfolio

Headshot Photography Sydney

Headshots are something almost everyone needs these days.  From Linked In profiles for corporates, executives and entrepreneurs, to creative headshots for actors, models, and dancers, the right headshot photography can help you stand out from the crowed.

Joe Giunta is a Sydney based headshot photographer with more than 10 years experience helping build personal brands with unique and professional headshot photography. 

Build your personal brand portfolio today. Book a headshot photoshoot at one of our Sydney studios or request an in-house shoot at your office or other location of choice.


Professional Headshot Photographer

Sydney wide professional headshot photographer.  Joe works with influnecers, models, actors and professionals.  Get in contact with Joe today to discuss your headshot photo session today.  Contact him via our email form here.

Headshots for Actors, models, dancers & other entertainers

Show your versatility and range with a professionally styled headshot photography session. Joseph RG Photography Headshots are uniquely styled and truly creative to give you the cutting edge. 

Stand out from the pack with a portfolio of professional headshots for actors, models, and dancers.   Whether starting out in your career or update your online images book your headshots today.

Personal branding headshots for entrepreneurs and executives

Corporate headshots that present you in a professional light with a unique quality and put your personality on display. 

Headshots are perfect for professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives, whether it be for your website, social media or LinkedIn. Create your personal brand image starting with a professional headshot photo session with Joseph RG Photography. Ideal for Linked In portfolios.

Corporate headshots for business professionals and marketing

Board of directors and executive leadership teams all need professional headshots for use in marketing materials and online business communications.  

Get professional headshots for websites, media and press releases, financial reports and linked in profiles.

Joe travels to your office for team headshot photoshoots or can arrange a Sydney studio. 


"Joe was extremely professional and very personable making for an enjoyable day. We had fun shooting and collaborating with different styles and ideas, in turn creating amazing results...I’d definitely recommend working with Joe and I hope to again in the near future.”
Anne Duffy

Headshot Photography FAQs

Following are some of the more common questions we get asked in relation to our headshot photo sessions with their answers.  If there’s anything we’ve missed, please drop us a line here.

Do all photographers do headshots?

Headshots are one of the most popular and in demand styles of photography these days.  While all photographers are capable of  producing headshots, professional headshots that stand out from the rest are another story.  The challenge is to show you in a unique way, while maintaining professionalism in your headshot photography.

What about hair and makeup for my headshot photoshoot?

It’s important to look your best on the day to create the best stand out photos you will love and that will make people remember you.  However, it’s entirely up to you whether you get a professional to do your hair and makeup on the day.   

Should you wish to book a professional, we have a number of makeup artists and hair dressers that can be arranged for you.  They can meet you on location for the shoot and will be sure to have you feeling and looking your best.  Joe will discuss this with you during your planning session prior to the day and make any necessary arrangements.

Why should I get headshot photography?

Headshot photography is professional photography that is naturally going to present you better than happy snaps or at home selfie-style photography ever could. 

In this age of social media and personal branding, standing out online is more important than ever.  People select their service providers based on characteristics such as trust and confidence and those characteristics are often judged based on their photograph.  Similarly, if you’re a sales representative or an entertainer such as an actor, model or dancer, you will want to stand out and be memorable. Your face and the photographs you use online are integral to this.

That’s why we recommend professional headshots wherever your brand image or career success depends on them.  Use them for Linked In profiles, social media accounts, corporate communications, or if you’re an entertainer, for building your portfolio. 

Should I smile in my headshot photographs?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, and we all know some people find it hard to flash a ‘natural’ smile when they pose for a photograph. The key is to look comfortable and approachable, so you are going to want to aim for a natural and relaxed look.  Avoid forced smiles and go with what is most natural and comfortable for you.

How many looks do I get from a headshot photography session?

This depends on what you require from your headshot photography session. Discuss your needs when you book and Joseph will be able to structure your shoot around this. Generally, you will get at least two looks from each headshot photoshoot but that depends on a number of factors.  That may include thinks like  timing and the number of people in your team to be photographed.  For those in the corporate world, one or two good headshots are all you need.  If in entertainment, some may find one image that captures your unique look may be enough, while others may want to capture several different looks and styles.  This is particularly common for actors and models, where a range of looks is key to your work.

What should I wear for headshot photography?

Choosing what to wear for your headshot photographs totally depends on the image you want to project. If the headshots are for a business professional or executive, we recommend either corporate or casual business attire; collared shirts, jackets. blazers or blouses. Generally you would want to avoid clashing colours. For those that want a little more flare, or if you a signature ‘look’, we can always incorporate your own personal style in to your headshots.

If you’re an entertainer, artist or model you can certainly get a lot more creative! It’s your personality we are trying to capture, so don’t be afraid to show off and let your audience see who you really are.

What’s the difference between headshot photography and portraits?

While headshots and portraits can be similar, the way we use the term really comes down to the intended use of the images. Headshots generally are for presenting yourself in a business or professional capacity. Your image is a big part of engaging with your audience, and headshot photography is intended to present your ‘professional’ self. Portrait photography is more about telling a story with the image, whether it be capturing an event or achievement, or expressing yourself in an artistic and creative way.

If you’re interested in capture a special moment or creating something more artistic, check out our Portrait photography section for more details.