Professional fashion photographer Sydney.
From editorial photography, lookbooks, and street fashion, Joe has more than 10 years experience photographing fashion labels and models from across the globe.   It’s his unique styling that sets his photography apart with a love of telling a story through his art. 

Services icludes;   

  • Street fashion 
  • High fashion
  • Fashion editorial photography 
  • Influencer photography
  • Model portfolios 
  • Hair photography
  • Makeup photography

Fashion Photographer Sydney

Create your look, capture your style

Fashion Photographer Sydney

Fashion photographer Sydney with a flair for storytelling. 

With an Italian background, it’s as if fashion was in his blood from birth.  This, with his love of movies and storytelling, there’s no doubt fashion photography was his calling. 

Joseph Giunta is an accomplished fashion photographer, having travelled the globe, photographing for models and fashion labels across Europe and Asia Pacific.  Joseph’s passion for photography started in the world of fashion and it’s still to the day what he lives and breaths when behind the camera.

With a love of telling a story through his photographs, Joseph creates stunning fashion editorial pieces, styled with a unique flare.  His photographic stories are created in collaboration with his clients to highlight the unique character of the model or style of the labels he is shooting.  Shooting on location or in one of the many partner studios he works with, Joseph can help to select and craft the perfect backdrop and overall style of the images he creates.  Joseph is also more than comfortable working to a specific brief.


Fashion photographer sydney

Fashion Photographer Services

Joseph works with global and local fashion labels, accomplished models, influencers and aspiring models looking to build their photographic portfolio.   For the perfect fashion look book, fashion editorial photography or model portfolio photographs, get in touch with Joseph RG Photography to book your fashion photo session here. 

There’s no doubt that Joseph is an accomplished fashion editorial photographer with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  His exposure in the industry is what continues to drive demand for his skills in photography.    If you would like to work with Joseph, please request a quote for his services here.

Model Portfolios

Are you a budding new fashion model?  Or perhaps an accomplished model looking to update your portfolio?  Build your photo portfolio with a professional photoshoot with Joseph RG Photography. Let Joseph capture your unique look and style with stunning portraits and headshots that present you in your best light.

Fashion Labels

Photography for retailers and fashion labels.  Joseph RG Photography is ideal for e-commerce product images, creating the perfect look-book, social media and fashion publications.   Joseph has a wealth of experience in photography, having shot leading fashion labels and models from across the globe and locally in Australia.

Editorial Photography

New-season range of clothing, swimsuits or jewellery?   New hair and makeup services to promote?  Tell a story to highlight your unique style with beautifully crafted fashion editorial photography.  Joseph has a skill for location selection, styling and capturing the perfect look for any fashion label.


"From his introduction, correspondence, friendly kind demeanour to execution. He was punctual, organised and energised. He covered all the details from choosing a fabulous location to the small things like bringing food along to keep me happy. "

Fashion Photographer FAQs

Following are some common questions and answers about Josephs photography and booking your shoot.  If there’s anything we’ve missed, please drop us a line here.

Fashion Editorial Photography

Fashion editorial photography is photography that is intended to be used in print publications that does more than just photograph the fashion itself.   This style of photography works best when it tells a story.   Great models and photographers, stylers and hair and makeup artists work together to produce the best fashion editorial photography.  The aim is to display the clothing, shoes and/or jewellery in a way that shoes the unique style and character of the fashion being photographed. 

Can I book a photoshoot with you if I’m not a model?

No, you don’t have to be a professional model to book a fashion photoshoot with Joseph RG photography.  You might be an aspiring model in need of a good photo portfolio, a new fashion house looking to build a catalogue, or just someone wanting to capture some beautiful pictures with unique styling to look back on in the future.  Whatever the reason, we encourage you to get in contact to find out how Joseph can create your stunning, unique and beautifully styled fashion photography shots.  Get in contact with Joseph here.

Hair and makeup services for fashion photography

Yes we can supply hair and makeup services by our trusted hair and makeup artists.  We can arrange to have them visit your home prior to the shoot or to meet on location.  Please let us know what you require during your planning session prior to the fashion photoshoot. 

How many looks can you get from fashion photoshoots?

This depends on your specific requirements for your fashion photoshoot, how many items you want to shoot, your budget, any required styling of the images, experience of your model and any limitations due to the location of the photoshoot.  As such, it is always best to discuss your needs with Joseph to get an idea for what can be achieved.  Please get in touch with Joseph here.

Do you travel interstate for a fashion photography shoot?

Yes, Joseph will travel across Australia for the right fashion photography projects.   Please contact Joseph here to discuss your specific needs.

Do you work for product discounts?

No.  Please do not contact Joseph with requests for free photography in exchange for goods.  Joseph is a professional fashion photographer with a busy schedule.  For photography rates or a personalised quote for a fashion photoshoot, please contact Joseph with a brief via our contact us page here.